What is a Protection Product?

Morrie's exclusive Protection Products go above and beyond standard car insurance, manufacturer warranties, and other programs to ensure peace of mind and save you from unexpected spending.

Our Protection Plans are divided into three categories: Mechanical, Appearance, and Financial. Simply click on the Product you interested in, and the page will expand to give you a detailed description of its benefits. If you have any questions about Protection Products, vehicle financing, or anything in between, please don't hesitate to reach out!


Our pricing approximations are based on Morrie's Promise vehicles with our most popular financing and leasing terms applied. These figures are meant to give you a general estimate of how much each Product will affect your monthly payment - for a personalized quote, feel free to reach out!

Appearance Protection

Morrie's exclusive Protection Products go above and beyond standard car insurance, manufacturer warranties, and other programs to ensure peace of mind and save you from unexpected spending.

Drive Care

You've got places to be, so to make sure you get there even if life decides to throw a surprise or two your way! EasyCare's Tire & Wheel benefit ensures stability and safety with everything from tire and wheel damage coverage to roadside assistance - protecting your busy schedule and your wallet.


Tire & Wheel Repair and Replacement

EasyCare will pay by credit card for the reasonable cost to repair, or if non-repairable to replace, your vehicle tires or wheels (original tires or wheels as supplied by the manufacturer and replacement tires and wheels of like kind and quality), for the term of your VSC, rendered unserviceable due to damage from a covered road hazard such as glass, metal punctures, pothole(s), rocks, nails, tree limbs or other such objects or conditions not normally found in or on a public roadway.

Unserviceable means that the tire is blown out, flat, or is otherwise unable to seal with the wheel, resulting in air loss. Your tire(s) must have at least 3/32″ of tread depth at the lowest point on the tire at the time of road hazard damage rendering your tire or wheel unserviceable for this coverage to apply.

Rental Car Reimbursement

If your vehicle is in the shop for covered repairs and you need a rental car, EasyCare will reimburse you up to $30 per day, for up to three days. And if parts are delayed, we'll cover up to two additional days of rental expenses so you can get where you need to go.

Upgrade option: Up to $50 reimbursement per day for up to five days (surcharge required).

Trip Interruption

If you have to stay overnight more than 50 miles from your home address while waiting for covered repairs to be completed, EasyCare will reimburse up to $100 per day for meals and lodging for the first three consecutive days.

24/7 Roadside Assistance

No matter what time you need us, our Emergency Roadside Assistance is here to help. Simply call the toll-free, 24-hour Emergency Roadside Assistance phone number for the following services: emergency towing, flat tire change, fuel delivery & lock out service.


Paintless Dent Repair

Your car is a reflection of who you are. Keep it looking its best and most valuable with our innovative paintless dent repair process. EasyCare effectively removes those minor dents and dings on painted sheet metal surfaces without harming the vehicle's factory finish-so you'll increase its trade-in value and keep it looking as new as the first day you drove it home.




Appearance Protection Plan

Take advantage of the latest technology to protect your vehicle's exterior paint.


Exterior paint from environmental damages caused by:

UV Rays, acid rain, tree sap, bird waste, weather induced loss of gloss, weather induced fading and chalking, hard water spots, de-icing agents and road salts, brake dust, paint overspray, fuel stains and more.

Exterior Paint and Body from:

Corrosion, perforation and surface rust.

Interior from:

Replacement Stains, fading & discoloration, bleaches & dyes, chewing gum, make-up, cracking of the dash, sun's UV rays, mold & mildew, crayons, blood & bodily fluids, rips, tears and burns.

New Vehicle Warranty

10 years on ALL coverages.

Used Vehicle Warranty

Up to 9 years based on the model year.


Mechanical Protection

As much as we'd like them to be, no vehicle is immune to mechanical issues. Our extended service contracts allow you to tailor your level of mechanical protection to your unique situation, saving you from unexpected maintenance costs down the road.

Vehicle Service Contracts

No vehicle, regardless of expense, rating or manufacturer, is immune from mechanical issues. Repairs aren't a possibility, they are an inevitability. But you can save significant money with an extended service plan that protects your car and budget from costly repair bills. When you buy an extended service contract, you're paying for tomorrow's repairs at today's lower prices. Sure, it is a bit more upfront, but it can save you money for years to come.



24-Hour Emergency Road Service:

Expense reimbursement up to $100 for fuel, locksmith and tire repair services.

Optional Road Hazard Coverage

Pays for repair or replacement of your damaged tire and/or wheel.

Towing Allowance

An allowance for towing expenses is provided to transport your vehicle to a repair facility.

Rental Vehicle

While your vehicle is at the shop for repair, a rental car allowance is provided for up to 5 days at $35 per day.

Trip Interruption

If your car breaks down far from home, a reimbursement of $100 per day is provided for lodging and meals.


The coverage stays with the car, even if you sell it, increasing it's value and appeal to buyers.


If you can't get to Morrie's for your repair, your coverage will be extended to licensed repair shops throughout the U.S.

Financial Protection

Sometimes, life throws you a curveball you can't possibly see coming - like totaling your vehicle, having it stolen from you, or losing your keys. Our Financial Protection Products ensure that a worst-case-scenario won't set you or your finances back.


A vehicle purchase opens up a whole new world of experiences, opportunities, and memories to be made, but it can also present some unexpected expenses! Our Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) coverage protects you from paying large out-of-pocket expenses for the "gap" between your insurance settlement and the balance of your loan in case your vehicle is totaled or stolen.

GAP Protection must be purchased at the time of your vehicle purchase. This one-time fee can be rolled into the financing of your new or used car, truck, or SUV.




No one's perfect - and that's ok! In the event that you lose your keys, or get locked out of your car or home, KeyCare will get you back on track. This bundled service offers amenities like key replacement, 24/7 lock-out assistance, key recovery & identity protection, as well as transportation options - so you never miss a beat.




Keep your vehicle looking and feeling as new as the first day you drove it home. Our Select packages include a hand-selected suite of our most valuable EasyCare benefits-protecting both your vehicle and your peace of mind. Embrace the journey… we'll take care of the rest.


Road Hazard Tire & Wheel:

Repair or replacement of tires and/or wheels that are damaged due to road hazards on public roadways.

Cosmetic Wheel Repair

Unlimited repairs on cosmetic damage to alloy or steel wheels. Includes abrasions, scratches and scrapes to the wheel or rim.

Key Replacement

Repair or replacement of lost or stolen keys/key fobs on your covered vehicle, as well as any additional keys on your key ring - including home, boat, RV, lockbox and more. You also get 24/7 emergency assistance if you are locked out of your vehicle or home.

Paintless Dent Repair

Virtually erases dents and dings up to four inches in diameter. Includes an unlimited number of qualified dent repairs during the term of your contract.

Windshield Repair

Repair of front windshield chips and cracks up to two inches in diameter.

Roadside Assistance

A single toll-free call dispatches emergency assistance, and/or provides emergency towing, battery jumpstart, fuel delivery and flat tire service.




Life's most ordinary moments are the most valuable ones - and our SelectCare vehicle coverage is designed for everyday mechanical wear.


Brake Pads

One replacement set of front and rear pads / shoes


One replacement engine battery.


Replacement of headlamp bulbs as may be required, other than damage caused by impace.

Belts and Hoses

Replacement of engine belts and hoses as may be required. Includes and is limited to: vacuum pump belt, serpentine belt, power steering belt, alternator belt, supercharger belt, air pump belt, air conditioner belt, water pump belt, heater hose, bypass hose, throttle body hose, upper and lower radiator hoses, air conditioner hoses, power steering pressure and return hose, air hose, washer hoses, vacuum hoses and fuel hoses. 

Wiper Blades / Inserts

One replacement set of wiper blades and / or inserts.

Fuses & Light Bulbs

Replacement of fuses and light bulbs as may be required, other than damage caused by impact.


Charges incurred in or for the diagnosis of the mechanical breakdown or failure of a component covered by SelectCare.


Fluid required as part of the repair or replacement of a covered part.

Key Replacement

Reimbursement for the replacement of up to two vehicle keys that are damaged and inoperable, lost or stolen. Not to exceed $750 per key, including any associated programming. Additionally, this contract covers the replacement of other keys on your key ring, not to exceed $200 per occurance.

24-Hour Emergency Vehicle and Home Lock-Out Assistance

Locksmith assistance reimbursement to unlock your vehicle or home, up to $85 per occurence. We'll provide up to three house key replacements for the term of your contract.

Taxi and Towing Assistance

24-hour Assistance and reimbursement for a taxi (up to $50 per occurance) or tow (up to $100 per occurrence) in the event that replacement keys cannot be made at the disablement location.