Thank You First Responders

To show our gratitude, we’re offering an enhanced vehicle cleaning service free of charge to our First Responders.


Complimentary NuVinAir Cleaning
As we all work to navigate this uncertain time, one thing has remained clear - the immense courage and selflessness of our First Responders.    
To show our gratitude, Morrie's Auto Group is now offering a complimentary enhanced vehicle cleaning service to First Responders. Simply schedule an appointment at any of our NuVinAir locations, and bring your First Responder ID to receive the NuVinAir treatment free of charge. We cannot thank you enough for all that you do!  

First Responders Include
- Licensed Peace Officers
- Firefighters
- Paramedics
- Doctors
- Correctional Officers
- Security Counselors
(employed by the state of corrections, detention, or secure treatment facility) 
- Emergency Medical Technicians
- Nurses and Healthcare Workers



What is NuVinAir?
NuVinAir's Innovative patented cleaning process deep cleans your vehicle and removes contaminants, odor and pollutants.   
To show our gratitude, Morrie's. This advanced science powered by chlorine dioxide dispels a dry, hygienic vapor that travels throughout the inside of your vehicle, reaching places that sprays and wipes simply cannot.

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